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Wolf's Rain Icon Contest's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Wolf's Rain Icon Contest

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[9/11/07 - 5:59 pm]

These ones didn't turn out very well .___. But I have a LOT of homework today. So, um, forgive me. :3

week 74 - dasvedanyaanya, greenfire_mantl
BANNERS.Collapse )
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[8/30/07 - 9:39 am]

So even though it... appears that we're on hiatus, I still have a backlog of banners for you guys! :D

Yes. I felt guilty. D: So I grabbed an arisubox texture and made these really quickly. And I'll do some more of them tonight.

More to come throughout the week, kay? ♥

(And um, if there are any other old weeks you'd like me to cover for quickly before I'm back in school, I can. :D Just ask.)

rare_fandom, greenfire_mantl x2, sakurakiss!
Week 57 BannersCollapse )

naeros_icons, anniereckless, siiy, greenfire_mantl!
Week 63 BannersCollapse )
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Midweek Reminder [7/17/07 - 9:07 pm]

We're gonna need a lot more people to participate!

Submit to Week 78 here!
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Week 78: Climax - Image - "It Ends Tonight" [7/12/07 - 12:18 pm]

A while ago, we made a post asking the members if they thought the community should go on a hiatus. While some members believed that a hiatus was needed, others didn't want to see the community die, so orlandogirl posted another theme in an attempt to keep the community going. However, last week, we only had a total of three people submitting even with the extension (although we had a great voting turn out with lots of new voters).

I've talked to orlandogirl and we agreed that although neither of us would like to see the community die, there would be no point if there was no interest. videogameawards was facing a similar problem, and we decided that we'd execute a similar solution. And so, we present to you our last attempt at this community. The amount of participation we get this week will determine whether we call it quits or keep the community going.

If 10 different people enter this week's challenge, we will keep the community going. (And 10 really shouldn't be that difficult to get, considering how we have almost 100 members) If fewer members submit, voting will not be held, and the community will go on hiatus.

So, members, what will you do? Will you fight for this community?

Generic - Climax more infoCollapse )

Image - link more infoCollapse )

Lyrical - "It Ends Tonight" by The All-American Rejects lyricsCollapse )

All rules in the userinfo apply, and a reminder that you may submit three icons - one for each theme.
Submit all icons to this screened post in the following format:

Font Used (optional): Times New Roman

Icons will be due to this post by Friday, July 20th, 2007.
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Week 77: Ugly Icon- Image - "Banquet"-Winners! [7/11/07 - 8:41 pm]

here are the winners for week 77!^^congrats everyone :) you ALL received votes this round!be proud!:)

winners!^^!Collapse )
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